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Annual Fall BOW at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman is a non-profit educational program offering hands-on workshops to women of all ages and fitness levels. Developed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and hosted at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, the workshop allows participants to develop hunting, fishing, boating and other outdoor recreation skills through sessions led by outdoors professionals. These sesssions provide novices and more experienced participants enough knowledge and experience to pursue their outdoors interests when the workshop is over, no experience is necessary!

This program is for you if...

  • You have never tried some of these activities, but have hoped for an opportunity to learn.
  • You are a beginner who wants to improve your skills.
  • You know how to do some of these activities, but would like to try new ones.
  • You enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

2014 BOW is scheduled for Nov. 7-9. Regular registration opens May 1.

A liability/waiver form as well as photo release form must be completed before attending the BOW Workshop. Fill out a liability/waiver form and photo release form and email to Jody Rice at


Photos from BOW 2013

Photos from BOW 2012

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Activities and Classes:

Reading Wildlife Signs
Small Game Hunting
Tree Climbing
Camping 101Map and CompassTree Identification
Canoeing 101Nature PhotographyWater World
Fishing 101On the Water FishingWilderness Survival
Fly FishingOutdoor CookingWorking with Dogs I



Learn what you need, what you don’t, and how to travel light and safe in the backcountry. This is a hands-on session with the opportunity to go on a short hike.

Basic Astronomy

The Atlanta Astronomy Club will help you navigate the fall sky. The array of telescopes is fascinating, and you’ll explore the skies with true space enthusiasts. Later this evening, there will be an opportunity for a night viewing of the sky.

Basic Birding

Find out how to choose binoculars and bird identification books to fit your needs. Gain skills in bird identification, flight patterns and natural history while hiking through upland forest and other habitats.

Bow Hunting

Learn about equipment selection, safety, choosing camouflage and ethics and judging distances. Also practice shooting!  Instructors will provide coaching and a wealth of information in this hands-on class that will have you hitting the target in no time.

Camping 101

Learn how to choose and set up a tent, find places to camp -- including on the beach, off the grid, in the snow and more -- and more about the side adventures you can have off-road.

Canoeing 101

Grab a paddle and a personal flotation device (PFD) and get ready to glide on the water. You will get a feeling for boating the old-fashioned way with instructors who teach basic paddle strokes, how to enter/exit a canoe, boating safety and how to canoe with a partner in the boat and remain friends!

Fishing 101

Learn or improve your angling skills. Knot tying, casting, landing fish and what to look for to catch the “big ones” are all included in this fun fishing class. The focus is on spinning gear with information on lures and types of baits.

Fly Fishing

Explore this time-honored and relaxing activity with our instructors. This class teaches you the basics and how to enjoy the poetry of fly fishing. You will learn equipment, casting techniques and which flies to use for your favorite fish. Participants must have a valid Georgia fishing license to participate in this session (licenses can be purchased at Charlie Elliott).

GPS and Geocaching

Learn the basics of GPS and then discover the fun of geocaching. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS–enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and try to find the geocache or container hidden nearby.

Gun Cleaning

This session will take you step by step through the process of safely cleaning a gun. Firearms will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring personal firearms (which must be unloaded and cased). No ammunition will be allowed.


Join our team of shooting instructors to learn to shoot with confidence. Participants may choose to shoot a wide variety of handguns and rifles in this safe and empowering class. Firearm safety orientation is required to participate in this session.

Hunter Education

Those seeking a Hunter Education Certificate must take this class. This class will cover hunting ethics, firearms safety, hunting safety and will conclude with the hunter education course exam. You MUST have completed the online portion of the Hunter Education Program to participate in this class).

Map and Compass

In this age of GPS technology, knowing how to use a compass can still come in handy, especially if your GPS fails! Participants are guided through the steps of using a compass, review map features and learn how to navigate the land with these tools.

Nature Photography

Explore and document the natural world through the eye of a camera lens.  Learn basic and intermediate camera functions and settings, various camera accessories, lighting essentials, good angles for interesting photos and tips on how to photograph wildlife.

On the Water Fishing and Fly Fishing

The "On the Water Fishing" course begins with instruction on safety, fishing techniques and working with a partner in a boat. The class will end with participants practicing fishing techniques and working a boat on the water. MUST have a Georgia fishing license.

"On the Water Fly Fishing" will provide you with the experience of fly fishing from a canoe and in the water. MUST have a Georgia fishing license.

Outdoor Cooking

Learn to cook outdoors. The versatility of a Dutch oven will amaze you. Recipes will be shared and everyone will get a chance to prepare and sample a variety of dishes and desserts.

Reading Wildlife Signs

After a brief indoor introduction, the class will be spent out-doors looking for tracks, scat and other signs of animal activity. Not only will you develop a greater appreciation for wildlife, but you will also see why this is important to a successful hunt or wildlife observation.


Fabulous opportunity for participants who are new to shooting or for those who want to polish their skills. Learn how to comfortably handle a shotgun and have fun with the shooting games of trap and skeet. Firearm safety is required to participate.

Small Game Hunting

This class focuses on squirrel hunting methods, including using hunting dogs as needed. Learn about the behavior, habitats, field care and best ways to hunt small game. The class will continue until dark. Hunter Education, Georgia hunting license and WMA license are required. You can purchase licenses at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center or online HERE.

Tree Climbing

View the forest from the canopy! Learn how to safely harness up and climb to new heights. You will also learn about tree selection, climbing gear, equipment care and tree protection.

Tree Identification

Learn basic botany and how to identify several common woody plant species during this leisurely walk through the woods. You will gain knowledge that leads to a fuller appreciation of Georgia’s woodlands.

Water World

This class discusses a variety of outdoor aquatic sports focusing on proper gear, equipment and safety for varies environments (geographical, climates and temperatures). Kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and scuba diving will be some of the topics discussed. Participants can try on dive suites (wetsuits and dry suites), fins, mask and other apparel and have the opportunity to snorkel and dive for objects in our portable training pool.

Wilderness Survival

Learn the proper contents of a survival kit, the skills necessary for surviving a night outdoors, signaling for help, and how not to get lost. The class will end with a search-and-rescue dog demonstration.

Working with Dogs I

This class will focus on types of hunting breeds and their traditional uses, how to select a puppy and tips on how to field train a champion dog.


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