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Know A Boat's Capacity

Float Plan and Checklist


File A "Float Plan"

Before going out on a boat it is always a good idea to leave a float plan with a local marina, relative or friend. The float plan should:

  • Describe the boat, its number, size, make, capacity, horsepower, and type of engine
  • List where you are going, the route, and your expected return time
  • Give the number of passengers, their names and addresses, and a contact in case of an emergency
Pre-Departure Checklist
  1. You can assure a good time while operating your boat or PWC by performing this pre-departure check.
  2. Leave your float plan with a responsible person.
  3. Make sure that the steering and throttle controls operate properly and all lights are working properly.
  4. Check for any fuel leaks from the tank, fuel lines, and carburetor.
  5. Check the engine compartment for oil leaks.
  6. Check hose connections for leaks or cracks and make sure hose clamps are tight.
  7. Drain all water from the engine compartment and be sure the bilge plug is replaced and secure.
  8. Check to be sure the fire extinguisher is fully charged.
  9. Make sure that the stop button works on a PWC.
  10. Make sure the ignition safety switch and wrist lanyard are in working order.
  11. Make sure you have the required number of personal flotation devices (PFDs) and they are in good condition.

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