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The Citizen Scientist

Breeding Bird Survey Routes

Nongame Conservation Section

The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is an international monitoring program that tracks population trends of hundreds of species of birds in southern Canada, the U. S., and Mexico. It had been run continuously since the late 1960s and has provided population trend data for many major bird conservation efforts in this country. Georgia has over 95 BBS routes, many of which are not run due to lack of skilled volunteer surveyors. We would like to have most of these routes run annually to significantly improve the ability of the survey to predict population trends of bird species in the state.

 If you know your Georgia birds by sight and song/call, we strongly encourage you to take a route. It only requires a commitment of one day each year. To sign up for a route, or for more information, please contact Todd Schneider (Todd.Schneider@dnr.ga.gov or (478) 994-1438).

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