ATTENTION! Hunters Must Have Deer Harvest Record

All licenses (hunting, big game, fishing, etc.) now are annual - meaning they are good for one year from the date of purchase. Deer harvest records are seasonal - meaning they are only good for the hunting season during which they were acquired.

Hunters who purchased a big game license during a previous deer season, as well as deer hunters under 16 years of age, landowners, honorary, lifetime, and sportsman license holders, will need to obtain a current deer harvest record for the current season, even if they are not required to purchase a big game license or their big game license has not expired.

Hunters must complete a deer harvest record before moving a deer from the site of a kill, except when participating in a Wildlife Management Area or National Wildlife Refuge hunt that requires hunters to check out their harvested deer. Hunters may not possess or use multiple big game licenses or deer harvest records and should keep harvest records with their hunting licenses.

You can get a current deer harvest record at Buy a License Online.  Youth needing a DNR Customer Account or a deer harvest record should view the information below.

Lifetime License Holder Deer Harvest Record

There is no charge for a lifetime license holder to get their deer harvest record.  One just has to log into their DNR Customer Account and access the correct form to print. 

Correct form for lifetime license holders: Lifetime license holders should choose to print a resident deer harvest record (260). The resident deer harvest record will meet the lifetime license holder's legal obligation to have a deer harvest record.   

Youth Deer Harvest Record

Youth who wish to get their deer harvest record can do so by clicking HERE

Special News for Youth Setting up a DNR Customer Account

Youth that wish to go ahead and set up their DNR Customer Account (for future license purchases, applying for quota hunts, etc.) and do NOT have a Drivers License Number or a current DNR Customer Number (for an already existing account) will need to enter their Social Security Number but do not have to enter their Driver’s License Number if less than 16 years of age. At the appropriate age, when the youth gets their driver’s license, the system will prompt them to enter their new Driver’s License Number in the proper field. It is important to remember to use their DNR Customer Number or Social Security Number to access their account until they update their account with their Driver’s License Number.


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