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Wildlife Regulations and the Georgia Teacher

Animals in the Classroom

The use of animals in the classroom, either alive or preserved, gives the Georgia educator exciting opportunities to teach. However, many laws and regulations must be observed. The various rules concern:

Familiarity with a few basic legal definitions is crucial to a thorough understanding of wildlife laws. Here are some basic definitions.

Wildlife - refers to those species of animals (mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans, and mollusks) indigenous to Georgia.

Wild Animal - means any animal not indigenous to (exotics) Georgia and not normally a domesticated species. This group would include practically all exotic animals.

Domesticated Species - are those animals that have tradition ally lived in a state of dependence on and under the dominion and control of mankind and have been kept as tame pets or livestock. These may be possessed without permits.

Though this information is not an in-depth coverage of the laws and regulations, many of the primary concerns of educators are addressed. Your local conservation ranger or Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division office is available to answer your questions. You can find the phone number and address for your local office by selecting your county from the list under 'Send a Letter or Give Us a Call' on any of the menu pages on this site. You can also call the Special Permit Unit at 770-761-3044.


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