A Career as a Conservation Ranger

Photo Gallery

Conservation Ranger's perform many different duties from day to day.  This photo gallery will show you some examples of a Ranger's responsibilities.

DNR Ranger's are responsible for enforcing all boating laws, rules, and regulations in the state.  Ranger's operate different types of vessels to patrol rivers, lakes and the coast of Georgia.

                           Saltwater Boat
                                                                    DNR Saltwater Patrol Boat                    

                  Craif Fulghum with confiscated ducks 
          Confiscated Wood Ducks

                 Greg Colson
                                     Ranger's teach Boating Safety Classes                        

                Illegal Burn
                Ranger's are responsible for enforcing litter and waste control laws

               DNR Counter Terrorism Task Force Members Training

             Hurricane Fay
            Search and Rescue Operations after a Hurricane



Airboat Patrols in south Georgia


DNR Law Enforcement Honor Guard



You never know when a DNR Ranger is observing your activity.  Some types of surveillance are very important when trying to catch a POACHER.  Would you walk by this 6'3" Ranger?

      Got ya!!
















       Turn in Poacher's  (TIP's) 
     1-800-241-4113 or *DNR on ATT wireless




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Ranger Hotline


Report poaching and wildlife violations. You can receive a cash reward if your tip leads to an arrest—even if you wish to remain anonymous.
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