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Georgia River Fishing Information
St. Marys River

The St. Marys River is a remote black water stream that originates in the Okefenokee Swamp and meanders for 130 miles until reaching the Atlantic Ocean at the southern end of Cumberland Island. With little development and few river crossings, the St. Marys River offers wilderness experience to those who travel its waters.

Prospects and Fishing Tips
Best Bets
Prospect Catfish fishing should remain good this year. The river supports a very healthy population of white catfish, followed by channel catfish, as well as yellow and brown bullheads.
Technique Use worms, chicken livers, cut bait or your own secret bait fished on the bottom.
Target Fish the deeper holes, which are usually located on outside bends in the river.
Prospect Anglers should find good numbers of bream this year with the chance of catching a 6-inch redbreast sunfish being excellent, and an 8-10 inch fish, not out of the question. The river also supports a very healthy bluegill population, with fish weighing 1-pound or greater potentially being landed. Although not as numerous, good sized redear sunfish, aka "shellcrackers," and warmouth can be caught while bream fishing in the St. Marys.
Technique For redbreast sunfish and warmouth: Crickets and worms are a given. Small lures, such as beetle-spins, work well when the water warms. For bluegill and redear sunfish,crickets and worms around pilings, and cover in the creeks and oxbows of the lower river are the best bets. Also, a lesser known South Georgia secret is the "catalpa worm," which can be lethal for larger sunfish species when fished on the bottom.
Target Try launching a canoe or small jon boat at St. George Landing and floating downstream approximately 30 miles to Traders Hill for excellent redbreast fishing. For bluegill: Target the lower half of St. Marys, from Traders Hill Recreational Area downstream.
Other Species
Prospect Though bass are not as plentiful as in other rivers, anglers can land a wall-hanger in the 8 to 10 pound range.
Technique Try casting spinnerbaits and pitching jigs or worms around heavy cover in current breaks or backwater slough areas.
Target Target the Kings Ferry area of the lower river.
Additional Information
Fishing conditions are best when the USGS gage at MacClenny, FL reads between 3-8 feet. USGS river gage information can be found at: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?02231000
Best Fishing Times Key
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