Public Fishing Areas

Unlawful Activities

The following activities are unlawful on PFAs:

  • Consume alcoholic beverages except at campsites on the area.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Rocky Mountain Recreation & PFA.
  • Fish except during the time between sunrise and sunset.
  • Fish in a pond or lake that has been posted as "closed".
  • Fish with any gear other than pole and line.
  • Fish with more than two poles and lines.
  • Use or possess live fish for bait, unless the lake or pond has been posted otherwise.
  • Operate personal watercraft (jet skis), sailboats, or sailboards.
  • Park a vehicle at any place within a PFA where signs prohibit parking.
  • Drive or otherwise operate a vehicle on any road posted "closed" to vehicular access, drive around a closed gate or cable blocking a road, or drive on any road that is not receiving maintenance for the purpose of vehicular access.
  • Camp any place other than designated camping areas.  Note: Contact the PFA before visiting for all regulations regarding camping.
  • Swim, except at Rocky Mountain Recreation & PFA beach.
  • For children under 14 years of age to enter or remain on any PFA unless under the supervision of an adult.
  • For horses to be on areas other than those designated as open to equestrian use.