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Vessel Registration

Supporting Documents for Boat Registration

All documents should have adequate information to identify the boat, such as registration number, hull identification number, length, make, year, and construction material.

Documents can be submitted 1 of 4 ways:

  1. Online in your customer account by uploading a scanned image or a photo of the document at www.GoOutdoorsGeorgia.com (Fastest)
  2. Emailing scanned image or photo of the document to: documents@GaBoat.com (Faster)
  3. Faxing documents to: 678-515-9470 (Fast)
  4. Mailing documents to: GA Dept. of Natural Resources PO Box 934943 Atlanta, GA 31193-4943 (Normal Processing)

Document 1

Proof of ownership is required to register a vessel. Most often this is a bill of sale showing sufficient information to identify the vessel plus the seller’s and owner’s name. See WRD example Bill of Sale. Other proofs of ownership that may be used are listed below. Bills of sale or invoices should show buyer and seller, and be signed by both. If proof of ownership cannot be obtained, a completed and signed Affidavit of Vessel Ownership form may be submitted by the vessel owner.

Document 2

A signed Georgia Vessel Registration Application is required. If a vessel is registered online, the online process allows for electronic agreement without requiring a signed application.


New Vessels, Out-of-State Vessels, and Homemade Vessels require additional documents:

New Vessels:

For new, never before registered vessels, a legible copy of the of the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is required.

Out-of-State Registrations

For vessels with Out-of-State Registrations, a legible copy of the title if coming from a Title State OR a copy of out-of-state Registration Card if the vessel is from a non-titling state is required.

Homemade Vessels - Never Before Registered,

Homemade Vessels - Never Before Registered, will require a HIN number. If no HIN Number, then a DNR HIN inspection is required before the HIN will be issued. .


Examples of Proof of Ownership Documents:

·       Bill of Sale

·       Dealer's Invoice

·       Transferred Title to New Owner’s Name

·       Lottery Prize/Raffle or Gift/Donation: Legal documents, Statement of Gift, or Winner Notification.

·       Divorce with Decree or Spouse Transfer:  Bill of Sale from Seller (spouse owner of boat), or Court Order showing transfer

·       From Deceased Owner or Inherited from Owner: Legal documents showing transfer. See FAQ for list of documents.

·       Lien Holder Repossessions, Bankruptcy, Default on Payment: Court Order or other document giving seller possession and/or authority to sell.

·       Insurance Claim: Bill of Sale from Seller and Theft/Loss Report.

·       Pawn Shop Claim: Bill of Sale from Seller and Pawn Shop Affidavit or Ticket.