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Vessel Registration

Temporary Boat Registration

Temporary boat registration is available for boats that have a valid hull identification number (HIN), and for boats that are exempt from the HIN requirement including boats manufactured before November 1, 1972.

If done by telephone, the supplied temporary authorization number (TAN) can be used for a period of 60 days in Georgia until the decal and registration number are received by the boat owner (whichever is earlier). The number must be carried on the boat when in use.

If done by mail, a customer can keep a copy of the mailed application or renewal form and a copy of the check as proof of application. These two pieces of information can be carried on the boat and used for 60 days in Georgia until the new registration is received, if the boat has a proper HIN, or was manufactured in 1972 or before. The date of the application and check or the date the application is received, whichever is earliest, is the starting date of the 60-day period.

If done online, a receipt and temporary authorization number (TAN) are issued that are good for 60 days for use in Georgia until the new registration is received.

Use of the vessel can continue in other states for renewal registrations but only if the original registration has not expired.