Fishing Regulations

2014 Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations

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This guide contains information you need to know to fish in freshwater and saltwater in Georgia. Please consult fishing regulations carefully before you go fishing since regulations may vary on different bodies of water. To view a digital version of the 2014 Fishing Regulations click here.

Some saltwater fishing regulations have been impacted by legislative changes that occurred after the time of printing.  Details of these changes can be found on the Coastal Resources Division website or by call the DNR Coastal Resource Division @  (912) 264-7218. 

   Download or view the 2014 guide (11 MB file)   

Public Meetings & Hearings

Scheduled public meetings and/or public hearings are posted here when scheduled. Public meetings are forums designed to accept public input for consideration into the development of fishing regulations, or other related rule proposals. Public hearings are forums designed to accept public comment on proposed regulations under consideration by the Board of Natural Resources.

Proposed Regulations

There currently are no proposed regulation changes.

Saltwater Recreational Fishing

A Guide to the Laws and Regulations on Saltwater Recreational Fishing.

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