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Birds and the Urban Landscape - Greenspace Bird Survey

Joint Atlanta Audubon Society/DNR Greenspace Study
Tim Keyes (

Nongame-Endangered Wildlife Program

As Georgias population increases, there has been a significant effort to preserve greenspace within rapidly urbanizing landscapes.  Greenspaces are justified for a number of reasons, ranging from improving water and air quality, to providing recreational opportunities, and protecting wildlife habitat.  While small forested patches within an urban landscape probably dont provide quality nesting habitat for many bird species, they may offer valuable wintering habitat and stopover sites for birds to rest and refuel during spring and fall migration.

A collaborative project between the Atlanta Audubon Society and the Nongame Program seeks to address how and when birds use greenspaces. throughout the year, and what components of urban greenspaces are most important for these birds.  We will be measuring greenspace size, landscape context, and local habitat variables as well as bird species and numbers found throughout the year.

We are hoping to recruit birders to visit local greenspaces and record what they find.  These surveys shouldnt involve much more than birders are already doing.  For the purposes of this study, greenspaces are discrete natural areas, generally set aside as parks, riverside greenways, or forests that are surrounded by developed land.

If you are interested in participating, please visit the Greenspace Bird Survey link on the WRD website to download 2 data sheets.  You will find the Greenspace Site Data Sheet that only needs to be filled out once.  This sheet helps to describe the location, size, and habitat characteristics of the greenspace, as well as determining whether select invasive exotic plants are present.  The Greenspace Bird Survey Form is to be filled out with each visit to the area.

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