Satilla River Flathead Catfish Project


Flathead Catfish

Flathead catfish can reach a weight of up to 123 pounds, but most often are less than 30 pounds, and can be found in deep river bends with some current. 

They have a flattened head, yellowish skin that is mottled with brown and green, a lower jaw that extends beyond the upper jaw, small eyes and an unforked tail. 

Anglers prefer to use live bait to catch flatheads, but a hungry flathead won't pass up on something that isn’t fresh either.  Examples of prey include live fish (including bream and suckers), crabs, water insects, crayfish and minnows.


The sunfish family is a large and diverse group of fish. The Satilla river contains many species of sunfish including the redbreast sunfish, flier, bluegill, warmouth, redear sunfish and spotted sunfish.  Most sunfish eat insects, crayfish, small fish and crustaceans.

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