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Georgia Rare Species and Natural Community Data

Requesting Information for Sites

Who Needs to Request More Information for Sites?

Not all projects should require a full review from our office.  Small projects in urban areas, projects involving small modifications to an existing developed site and projects that will not disturb any natural habitats or aquatic resources may not need a full review.  In these cases, users should be able to access the necessary information for special concern species and communities near the project area from our website by using the County, Quarter Quad, HUC8 Watershed and HUC10 Watershed lists.  However, if there is potential habitat for species of concern on your site and those species are located within the quarter quad or quads nearby, you should request further information from our office.  Large-scale projects, projects in previously undeveloped areas and projects that involve activities that may potentially disturb natural habitats or aquatic resources should be reviewed by this office.  Please follow the instructions below for completing an information request.

Instructions for Submitting an Information Request

All site-specific requests for information on species and natural community occurrences should be sent with accompanying map(s) preferably by email. We do not recommend faxing. If sending letters electronically, please attach requests to an email in DOC or PDF format. Send them to environmental review coordinators, Anna Yellin and Laci Coleman via Nongame.Review@dnr.ga.gov. Please do not email attachments of zip files. Our email server will block any emails with zip attachments without notification to either party (even with the .zip extension renamed). If you need to send zip files, please use a public file sharing service like DropBox, Box.net or Google Docs (all free).

The letter should contain a brief description of the project and an explanation of the information that is being requested. The location of small to medium sites should be indicated on a copy of a USGS 7.5 minute (1:24,000 scale) quadrangle map. Preferably, larger projects such as large-scale road widening projects should be sent as an ESRI shapefile. (Don't forget to send the projection of your shapefile if a .prj file is not included. It is always a good idea to send metadata with GIS data.)

Unless otherwise specified, you will be sent a letter containing a list of all tracked elements in our databases on or within 3 miles of the project site. The approximate distance and direction from the site will be included. Staff recommendations concerning the project will also be included in the letter. Please allow four weeks for processing of site information requests.

Mailing Address:
Anna Yellin or Laci Coleman
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife Resources Conservation Center
2065 US Hwy 278 SE
Social Circle, GA 30025-4743

(770) 918-6411
* Faxing is not recommended

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