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BOBBERTHON! Are You Registered Yet?

FORT VALLEY, Ga. (6/22/2010)

 BOBBERTHON is a regional fishing tournament scheduled for July-September 2010.    FISHING. FUN. COMPETITION. PRIZES. Find out more here!



Your chance at guaranteed prizes awaits you! Even better, these prizes are a reward for fishing in a new regional fishing tournament – Bobberthon.  

Bobberthon is a tournament at which registered anglers have approximately two months to catch tagged bream in any of three public fishing area lakes. The angler then must register their tag. These first few steps can guarantee a prize – but then even more prizes are available! 

Quick Tournament Details 

·         Registration: Interested anglers can register at any participating vendor (list found online at the Bobberthon website) beginning today. Registration is available through Sept. 11, 2010. 

·         Fishing Locations: Once registered, anglers are instructed to fish at any of three local public fishing area lakes (Dodge CountyOcmulgee and Flat Creek) that have tagged bream.   

·         Tag Reporting: If an angler catches a tagged bream, they need to register the tag number by visiting any of the participating vendors (same vendors as registration) by Sept. 11, 2010. 

·         Tournament Dates: Dates to catch a tagged bream are July 17th-Sept. 11, 2010. Anglers that catch and report a tagged bream during that time are guaranteed a prize (must be present at Grand Bobberthon to claim). They then also are eligible to participate in the Grand Bobberthon Tournament on Sept. 25, 2010 (visit the website for more info on the Grand Bobberthon Tournament) to potentially win more prizes. 

·         Prizes: Visit the Bobberthon website for a list of prizes. 

The event is a collaborative effort between the Georgia Department of Natural Resources/Wildlife Resources Division, Georgia Department of Economic Development  and four local communities (Bleckley, Houston, Dodge and Pulaski). 

For more information about Bobberthon, visit (click on Bobberthon link on home page) or call the Fisheries Management office at 478-825-6151. 



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