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Dove Management, Hunting and Agricultural Practices in Georgia

Things To Remember

  • No more than the daily bag limit may be in a hunter's possession on the dove field. If a hunter accepts doves from another hunter, the birds must be tagged with the name, address, and signature of the hunter who killed the birds, along with the total number of birds involved and the dates the birds were killed.
  • Hunters are ethically and legally required to make a reasonable effort to retrieve all downed birds.
  • Dove hunters must have on their person a valid Georgia hunting license and a valid Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) permit.  The HIP permit is free and can be obtained from any license dealer by completing a migratory bird hunter questionnaire. Honorary license holders are exempt from the HIP permit requirement.
  • Any autoloading or other repeating shotgun must be plugged to hold no more than three shotshells while hunting doves.
  • Shooting hours for doves are 12 noon until sunset on opening day of first season, and one half hour before sunrise to sunset otherwise. Sunrise and sunset times can be found in current Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations Guide.
  • Songbirds, hawks, owls, killdeer, nighthawks, chimney swifts, woodpeckers, and other species of birds may not be shot. These birds are protected by both federal and state laws and killing them or shooting at them is strictly prohibited.

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