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Fish Identification

Shoal bass

Shoal bass are olive to bronze with pale bellies, have a series of dark vertical blotches along their sides that may fade with age, and have numerous small dark spots below the lateral line that may form horizontal rows. Unlike largemouth bass, the upper jaw does not extend beyond the eyes and the dorsal fin is continuous and not deeply notched. They are most similar to the the redeye basses, but do not have any red coloration in the fins or pale margins on the tail. Unlike smallmouth bass they usually have a large dark spot at the base of the tail.

Scientific Name: Micropterus cataractae

Adult Size: 12-24 inches

Distribution: Native to the Chattahoochee and Flint River basins; introduced in the Ocmulgee River

Current State Record Information

Image: © Joseph R. Tomelleri