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Mast Surveys


Acorn mast surveys are conducted annually across North Georgia between August and September. Survey routes consist of 6-15 stops at approximately 1-mile intervals.  At each stop,two to four trees of each group (white oak, red oak, chestnut oak) are observed. Each tree is evaluated based on the percentage of the crown producing acorns, the percentage of twigs bearing acorns, and the average number of acorns per twig.  These observations are used to calculate a score for each route.  These scores are combined to estimate annual acorn production in the three physiographic regions of North Georgia (see figure below) and produce an average score for North Georgia.

Acorns are an important source of food for many of the wildlife species in the North Georgia region including: deer, bears, turkeys, squirrels and many others.  These acorn surveys aid biologists in evaluating and predicting the condition and abundance of wildlife populations and hunter success in North Georgia.

Here is a link to:  Acorn Production Ratings for North Georgia, 1985-2014 (Adobe Acrobat required).

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