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Ossabaw Island

Research and Education

The education and research opportunities of a relatively undisturbed barrier island are rare and valuable. Examples of some research activities on the island include an evaluation of tooth wear and survival of vasectomized, rehabilitated deer fawns; investigations into invasive plants such as the tallowtree, and archaeological documentation. Other ongoing studies include annual monitoring of sea turtle nesting success, and neotropical migratory land birds, an evaluation of the impact of deer and feral hogs on the islands vegetation, and monitoring of various pathogens in wildlife. Currently, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Resources Division and The Ossabaw Island Foundation cooperate to provide access for research on the island. The Ossabaw Island Foundation also offers educational opportunities that range from day excursions for students to extensive field trips for colleges, high schools and other educational organizations. All academic disciplines (cultural and scientific) provide valid opportunities for research and education, which should encompass Ossabaw's unique ecology and natural and cultural history.

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