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ArcView 3.x Extensions

These extensions should work in any version of ArcView 3.x (3.1, 3.2, or 3.3). All can be installed by copying them into ArcViews EXT32 extensions directory (C:\ESRI\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\EXT32\ or something similar), and are turned on by placing a check in front of their name in the File/Extensions& dialog accessed though the ArcView menu. If you would like any of them to be always on in all of your ArcView projects then place them in the Tools subdirectory (C:\ESRI\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\Tools\ or something similar).

You can download a 125KB zip file, gnhp_avx.zip, containing the latest version of all extensions listed on this page. Please install only those that you think you might use in your ArcView projects.

Most of scripts are original but some were developed using sample extensions and scripts provided by ArcView as a starting point.

  • Add XY [button] - With point theme, adds X and Y coordinates of point to attribute table. Adds coordinates of shape centroid in polygon theme. To get latitude and longitude, shape file must be projected to latitude and longitude and the view must be unprojected. [addxy.avx]
  • Circle Select Report [tool] - Selects records by a given radius and produces a report of selected records. Organizes returned records by group and returns distance and direction from original point. This extension is highly configurable by using a configuration file. It will search multiple themes with different types of shapes, and attribute tables and consolidate the data into the final text report in Windows Notepad. Advanced mode is available that supports clicking on multiple points and reducing redundancies, associating remaining redundant hit with closest user point. [cs_rpt.avx]
  • Clone Document [menu] - Make an exact clone (copy) of the active document. Works with all ArcView documents including views, layouts and tables. Works similar to Windows Explorer/My computer file copy producing new document. For example a view named "My View" would produce a new view called "Copy of My View". [docclone.avx]
  • Display Lat Long [tool] - Display latitude and longitude in various formats: BCD, TenTen, Digital Degrees and Digital Minutes. [dsply_ll.avx]
  • EOR Entry Dialog [tool] - Provides a dialog box in ArcView for entering EORs (Element Occurrence Records). Output is to a text file that is easily imported into Natural Heritage BCD Databases. [eorentry.avx]
  • Export EOCODEs to Dos Text File [button] - Export the selected EOCODEs to bare list in an ASCII text file. [exp_eoc.avx]
  • Easy Field Entry [tool] - Enter data into attribute table using multi-entry dialog box from user selected fields. User clicks on a shape and then the chosen fields are displayed for editing in a dialog box. Hold the Control key down the first time for configuration. [ez_entry.avx]
  • Legend Number [button] - Generalize selected records in active point theme for simplifying map labeling. Using a set tolerance, this extension will take clusters of points in the original theme and produce one point per cluster in a new shapefile theme. Points added to new theme are numbered with matching reference to attribute data in a new dBASE (*.dbf) that is also generated. Thus the number of points can be greatly reduced and label can be accomplished using the numbers that refer to records in the new dBASE file. Typically the dBASE file is imported into Excel and printed for use in referring to the map points. [ledgnum.avx]
  • Load Quad [tool] - Loads a DRG 7.5 minute quad at the location of the mouse click. Clips quad collars for side-by-side viewing. Requires special configuration of DRG quads on server or local computer. [loadquad.avx]
  • Pan To LatLong or XY [button] - Pan to the location of latitude and longitude or X and Y coordinates in various formats: BCD (degrees, minutes, seconds); degrees minutes decimal, degrees decimal and UTM X/Y. [pan2ll.avx]
  • Pan To Name (The Green Hand) [button] - Type a few characters of county code and parts of names to go to places in Georgia (requires "gn.shp" (Georgia Names Shape File) projected into your data's projection and placed in the view). [pan2name.avx]
  • Pan To Road (The Orange Hand) [button] - Type a few characters of county name and parts road names to go to most roads in Georgia (requires "gr.shp" (Georgia Roads Shape File) projected into your data's projection and placed in the view) [pan2road.avx]
  • Pan95% [button] - Pan view 95% left, right, up or down. Good for systematically scanning around an image in a view or other types of systematic scanning at close range. [pan95.avx]
  • Print GhostScript [button] - Print or export PDF or JPEG from layout using GhostScript. Good for true accurate printing and exporting. Produces PostScript output on all types of printers both PostScript and non-PostScript. Faster, more accurate and less buggy than ArcPress. Also converts data to PDF and JPEG more accurately, more directly and faster than Adobe Acrobat Distiller or PDF Writer. Requires the freeware program GhostScript is installed on your computer in either 'c:', 'd:', or 'e:' drive, and in either '\gs\' or '\program files\gs\' "programs\gs", or "\programme\gs\" subfolders. [print_gs.avx]
  • Quad Divisions [button] - Generate sub-quad polygon theme from point, line or polygon themes. New theme's shape values are rectangles whose sides are fractions of the sides of 7.5 minute quads. Transfers attributes from source shapefile to new rectangle polygon shape file. This is also good for producing rectangle grids of any size over other shapes. To do this, determine the fraction of the side of a quad the sides of the rectangles should be. Enter the numbers in the dialog when the extension is executed. For example: To produce a four-meter square grid, get the extent width and length of a quad using the "Report Shape Area" extension (below). Divide these numbers by four and enter them for length and width when prompted by the utility. To produce grids of 4 meters by 4 meters in the Macon area one could use 3500 meters height by 2925 meters for width if your view map units are set to meters. Remember that when working with small grids that cover large areas, a great deal of computer time may be involved. [quaddivs.avx]
  • Report Shape Area [tool] - Report the area of a selected polygon in the first active theme or first selected graphic. Sends returned report into an ArcView Avenue report window where it can be cut and pasted into other programs. List area in many formats: square meters, yards, miles, km, chains, acres, hectares, etc. [rpt_area.avx]
  • Change Scale Buttons [button] - Adds 6 buttons to the view button bar that change view to commonly used scales with one button click. Scales include: 1:12,000, 1:24,000, 1:70,000, 1:100,000, 1:100,000, 1:300.000. [scale.avx]
  • Selection to Definition [button] - In a view, takes all active themes current selections and converts them to a definition, thus filtering out all non-selected records (shapes). The resulting shapes are not selected. You can then select records from this set and use the extension again to further filter the records. If no records are selected and the extension is used, the definition is removed and all records are shown, the filtered records that were just showing are now the selected records. [sel2def.avx]
  • Set Outline Properties [button] - Set Theme background to transparent and the outline to black 2 points with one click of button. Other settings and color configurations are also provided. [setol.avx]
  • Shrink or Expand Window [button] - Shrink the current document window by 1/8 on each or either side, or expand the window to fit available space between other windows. This is very handy for arranging views, layouts and tables within the ArcView workspace. [shrinkwin.avx]
  • Stuff Shape [button] - Place the last added graphic on the view into the first active theme. [stuffshp.avx]
  • Unique ID Generator [button] - Generates a unique ID from a value in an intersecting theme's field. [uniqueid.avx]
  • View Frame Tool [tool] - Tool for helping with view frames in layouts and their relationship to views. Use it to force a view to the shape of a layout viewframe or viewframe to the exact extent of a view. Useful for basing many layouts on one view. Shows the layout extent on a view and allows repositioning and sizing of extent. Does much more to help with map making in ArcView!. [vftool.avx]


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