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Turkey Production Survey



The purpose of the turkey production-population index study is to provide an accurate means by which the Department of Natural Resources can evaluate statewide and regional wild turkey production during the breeding season and population levels during the hunting season.  DNR uses this information to determine production and population trends, management needs, and where and how to direct management efforts.  It also provides Georgia hunters with a forecast of the prospects for the spring gobbler season.

This project consists of two components: A) turkey production index survey and B) turkey hunting population index survey. The two separate surveys used in this project have remained basically unchanged since the study was started at the beginning of the poult-rearing season in 1978. The production survey provides data on young turkeys seen during the nesting and rearing season, and the population survey provides a measure of the population existing during the hunting season.  Data have shown a strong correlation between observed production and hunting season populations.The correlation between the production indices and population indices are used in evaluating annual production and populations and in making comparisons for trends. These data provide sound biological information useful in monitoring and regulating Georgia's turkey hunting season.

A): TURKEY PRODUCTION SURVEYThe turkey production survey is conducted during the months of June, July and August. During these months, cooperators record data related to all turkey broods and hens, with or without broods, that are observed in the course of routine duties. No special efforts are made to locate turkeys for this survey. The average number of poults seen per observer is used as an index to production.  Data are compiled on a statewide and physiographic region basis. Cooperators currently include field personnel of the Wildlife Resources Divsion. However, we are interested in expanding the breadth of this data. So, if you would like to participate in this survey please use this form (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

B): TURKEY HUNTING POPULATION INDEX SURVEY: The turkey hunting population index survey is conducted during the spring turkey hunting season. This data is provided by hunter cooperators. Specific information is recorded about each hunting trip including the date, hours hunted, county or physiographic region hunted, number of turkeys seen, and number of gobblers heard. Kill information is also requested, but is optional. The number of turkeys observed per unit of hunting effort provide an index of the hunting season population. Data are compiled on a statewide and physiographic region basis. If you would like to participate, please use this form (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).