Registering Your Boat Or PWC

How To Apply For or Renew Your Boat's Registration

Applications for registration are available HERE or at any office of the Wildlife Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources. A copy of the completed application will allow you to operate your boat for 45 days or until you receive your permanent certificate and decal.

A Certificate of Boat Registration is valid for 3 years and expires the last day of the owners month of birth. The expiration date is on the certificate and decal.

A renewal form is mailed to the owner at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. If the renewal form is not received by mail, the owner may go online to renew or call our 800# to complete the transaction.  You may also apply or renew your boat registration over the Internet at .

Registration Fees For Three-Year Boat Registration

If your boat is...

Then your fee is...

Less than 16 ft. (Class A)


16 ft. to less than 26 ft. (Class 1)


26 ft. to less than 40 ft. (Class 2)


40 ft. or longer (Class 3)



Where To Mail Your Registration Application Or Renewal

Mail your completed application to the address shown on the top of  the application.  

For more information, ccontact the call center at (800) 366-2661.



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LICENSES - 3 Ways to Buy

1. Phone 1-800-366-2661
2. Online - here
3. Retail License Vendor listing - here

Turn in Poachers

Call 1-800-241-4113

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