Registering Your Boat Or PWC

Buying and Selling a Boat or PWC

The procedure for transferring ownership of a boat is outlined here. The steps are essentially the same whether the "seller" is a marine dealer, or the "buyer" is an individual purchasing a pre-owned boat from an individual "seller".

If a registered boat is sold or otherwise transferred to another person, the Certificate of Boat Registration must be transferred to the new owner within 15 days.

Vessels Registered in Georgia:

To transfer the boat registration, submit the following items to the Boat Registration Office of the DNR:

  • Completed and signed registration application, marked "Transfer" or "Transfer Renewal" if registration has expired.
  • Plastic Certificate Boat Registration card from the previous owner
  • Notarized Bill of Sale
  • Required $3.00 transfer fee
Vessels Registered in any other State:

If you have purchased a vessel that has been registered in another state, you must submit:

  • A Title if the previous state Titles vessels
  • Notarized Bill of Sale

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