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Requirements Specific to PWC

Sharing Your PWC ... Safely!

Sharing the fun of your PWC with your friends and family is all part of the boating experience. However, you should always make sure that anyone operating your PWC understands their responsibilities as a driver of a PWC. Let them know that they are operating a boat and have the same responsibilities as any other boat operator.

Before allowing anyone to operate your PWC make sure they meet the minimum age and education requirements for PWC operation. Make sure they know basic boating safety information and "rules of the road".

Let beginners take their first rides in an area where there are few boats and swimmers. While still on shore, show them the proper procedures for deep water starting and reboarding.

Explain the basic operating features of the PWC. Be sure to give instruction on how to steer and control the PWC. Remind the operator that power is required for steering control!

Make sure the operator understands how to use the lanyard with the ignition safety switch.

Explain the importance of obeying "slow-no-wake" restrictions.

Emphasize the need for staying alert. Beginning riders may concentrate on riding and not on paying attention to the surrounding traffic in the area

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