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Opinion & Attitude Survey Toward Deer Management in Georgia

Opinions On and Values Associated with Deer

Most commonly, respondents describe their feelings about deer positively, saying that they enjoy seeing and having deer around. Substantial percentages, however, said they enjoy seeing deer but worry about the problems they cause. Finally, small percentages regard deer as a nuisance, with landowners being much more likely to regard deer as a nuisance.

Respondents were asked five questions regarding deer management and the values associated with deer. Majorities of the general population and landowners said four of the five were very important, the exception being that "you have deer around your home," which just under half (49%) of both the general population and landowners said was very important.

Majorities of hunters said each of the five were very important.

  • Hunters had a greater percentage saying each value was very important than did the general population and landowners.
  • The top statement for hunters and landowners was that people have the opportunity to hunt deer in Georgia (this was the second ranked value among the general population).
  • The top statement for the general population was that deer populations are being properly managed in Georgia.

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