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Encountering Other Boats

Even though no boat has the "right-of-way" over another boat, there are some rules that every operator should follow when encountering other boats or PWC. It is the responsibility of both operators to take action to avoid a collision. On the next page are illustrations showing what to do when encountering another boat or PWC.

To prevent collisions, every operator should follow the two basic rules of navigation:

  • Keep a sharp lookout
  • Maintain a safe speed
Encountering Boats With Limited Maneuverability

Always give-way to any boat with limited maneuverability such as the following:

  • Any boat not under command, such as an anchored or a disabled boat
  • Any boat restricted due to its occupation, such as a boat towing, laying cable or picking up navigation markers
  • Any boat constrained by its draft
  • Any boat engaged in commercial fishing
  • Any sailboat under sail

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